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We provide 2 services for local planning authorities

1. Evaluating submitted Energy Strategies

Question: Is the energy strategy fully compliant with London Plan (or other relevant) policies and following the latest GLA guidance? We check them over for you and:

  • Write up an informative report for the case officer,

  • Draft up the relevant conditions and Legal Agreement definitions and clauses, and,

  • Cross-check the Carbon Offset contribution

2. Post-construction monitoring of the renewable/low-carbon energy systems

Question: Are the heat pumps, PV, CHP, etc actually installed and are they working properly – and delivering the carbon emission cuts predicted in the energy strategy?

  • The Automated Energy Monitoring Platform (AEMP) service solves this problem – and enables the Council to truly confirm compliance with the energy policies.

Even if the PV (or heat pump) has been installed – this does not mean it is actually working…!!

On the right is just one part of an extended 18 month chasing up email exchange to get a big 82 kWp array online – that went offline yet again a year later.

Chart of Solar PV readings by day

An AEMP automated email alert was triggered to the PV installer who then fixed the problem – not quickly enough though.

From: Steve Harris <steve.harris@energence.co.uk>
Sent: 02 August 2021 18:08
To: Dave Redacted (PV installer)
Subject: Re: Redacted School 186831FUL – Planning requirement for renewable energy monitoring

Hi Dave,

Re: Array not working

I’ve just checked the PV for final sign off before handing it over and unfortunately it appears to have not been working since the 3rd of July. The meter is online, so it has AC power, but the reading has not increased. Something must have tripped out between the panels and meter. We’ve even seen exploded inverters when this has occurred before. Can you get back to me with an update.

All the best

Steve Harris RIBA
Technical and Policy Director
Energence Ltd.
Energy planning policy consulting on behalf of Ealing Council Planning services


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