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Assist developers with Energy Strategy Compliance

Energy Strategy commits Developer to (almost certainly) Air Source Heat Pumps and PV (possibly CHP/DHP).

Decision Notice conditions their use – and may require post-construction monitoring with smart meters.

Developers need to know the renewables have been installed correctly so they can maintain efficient heat supply, evaluate how effective the different systems actually are, discharge Enforcement Conditions, and meet Corporate sustainability objectives.

Smooth planning

Energence works with London borough planers to smooth the planning application process – and the eventual discharging of the energy/CO2 reduction enforcement conditions.

If they don’t have an in-house energy planning officer we will evaluate the submitted Energy Strategy (and Whole Life Carbon / Circular Economy), and draft up the relevant conditions.

Boroughs may now require the real-time (daily) monitoring of the heat pumps, CHP, and PV to confirm compliance with the Energy Strategy.

Energence will supply the necessary monitoring equipment for this – and display the data on the Automated Energy Monitoring Platform.


Automated Energy Monitoring Platform

If you need help with meeting compliance or energy monitoring

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