Complex ventilation monitoring For Ventive Ltd

Comprehensive fine grained monitoring

Ventive Ltd have designed a highly innovative heat recovery ventilation system.

To fully evaluate their product they commissioned us to do comprehensive fine grained monitoring for them for 20 installs.

Using the Energy Monitoring Company combined analogue and digital 12 channel data-logger and Titan sensors we get the data down to 1 minute readings that are uploaded to the Platform dashboard every three hours – so it’s pretty much live – as much as it needs to be because it’s not for a control system but for evaluation.

The parameters being monitoring by us are:

  1. The supply air temperature to the heat exchanger
  2. The post exchanger air flow temperature
  3. Air flow velocity
  4. Internal house temperature
  5. External temperature
  6. Internal humidity
  7. External humidity
  8. Internal CO2

From these readings we can then calculate the:

  1. Air Changes per Hour (ACH)
  2. Volume Flow Rate (VFR)
  3. Heat Transfer Efficiency (HTE)

We built a really cool interactive graphing program which allows clients to design their own graphs. They can choose to display data as lines, columns or areas in a colour of their choice. And data can be graphed over any timeframe – for example 10 minute chunks over the past 3 days, or hourly over the past 6 months. They can create and download as many bespoke graphs as they want.

Click on graphs to enlarge.

The graphing visuals we’ve used acknowledge Edward Tufte’s “The Visual Display of Quantitative Information”. Highcharts.

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