A simple and intuitive way to monitor energy

Local Planning Authority energy/CO2 reduction policies will usually require the installation of PV and/or Air Source Heat Pumps in new building developments. The Automated Energy Monitoring Platform solution has evolved over the past twelve years as a web-dashboard (with administrative support) for Local Planning Authorities wishing to confirm full compliance with their energy and carbon reduction Planning policies.


There are a number of features to make monitoring effortless. When you start a project we will create a new project on AEMP and add the meters so it is ready for you to view the data.

  • Multiple user roles e.g. Installer, Developer, Planning Authority so different stakeholders can access the data they need.
  • A graph builder so you can easily analyse data and export it to your favourite analyse tool, e.g. Excel.
  • Automated alerts can be set up to let you know when you meter is offline or your PV is underperforming (using PVGIS)
  • Easy to use user interface with quick search facility.

Automated Energy Management Platform

Monitoring made easy

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